Pizza Pie-er, Inman Square, Cambridge

Pizza Pie-er, Inman Square, Cambridge Photo

Pizza Pie-er, Inman Square Cambridge

Pizza Pie-er is now open in Inman Sqaure and South Boston. This was a wonderful project with a delightful client. The original location was an old auto body garage which we completely renovated inside and out to create a state of the art pizza kitchen. We got to use some fun materials including, custom tiles from, counter tops, furniture from and lighting via My favorite part about the project might be the cedar exterior cladding and custom signage and awning from Our work really revitalized a run down area of Inman Square. Now if only they could get a smaller HESS sign next door.

Pizza Pie-er Inman Square Exterior "Before" as A&D auto body

Pizza Pie-er Inman Square “Before” as A&D auto body